PepGen moves into new facilities

PepGen is the first tenant of the BioEscalator development in Oxford, having moved into new office and laboratory spaces at these premises on the 10th of September 2018. The BioEscalator was built to support early-stage life sciences companies in Oxford, and offers extensive shared facilities to tenants, including cold storage, tissue culture and chemistry equipment. The development is located within the Old Road Campus of the University of Oxford, allowing close access to world-leading medical researchers and hospitals.

PepGen has a chemistry lab of 44 m2, a biology lab of 21 m2 and an office of 15 m2 with the option to move into larger premises as the company expands. The company is currently in the process of outfitting these spaces to build internal synthetic and analytical capabilities, with peptide synthesisers, Maldi-ToF, quantitative HPLC and RT-PCR/qPCR devices being amongst the key pieces of equipment.